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Image by Trent Erwin


When I opened my law office in 1982, I interviewed my first client sitting on the floor. It just grew from there. Over the years, I've handled just about every type of case there is.

I believe most people who know me would likely say I’m loyal, attentive to details, and ambitious, even in my hobbies. I hold a multi-engine pilot’s license, with an instrument flight rating; have tried scuba diving and parachuting; drove a dirt track stock car before switching to drag racing, and still drive that car.


With my wife and I raise cattle, horses, zebras, and llamas. I do most of our mechanical maintenance, and never let broken machines wait. The same commitments to detail, loyalty, and action drive my representation of clients.


I purchased Jasper Title and Abstract Company, a title insurance company, and a vacant lot across from the Courthouse. After constructing a new building on the property, I moved both my law office and the title company into the building, and continue to operate in that spot.  


I attended both Jasper High School and Robert E. Lee High School in Houston. After graduating high school a semester early, on a Friday, I started college that following Monday, graduating from the University of Texas with a business degree in 1978, and from South Texas College of Law in 1981. I moved back to Jasper to work for an unbelievably talented lawyer, Joe Tonahlll, who had earlier defended Jack Ruby in the Lee Harvey Oswald shooting.


My wife and I have raised 3 children. Two are lawyers and the other is a petroleum engineer. 



My philosophy about practicing law is simple. Always be in it to win. Settle if it's in your favor, but always be prepared to go the distance and let the other guy know it. 

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