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In today's environment, a full-service law firm can offer sound advice on real estate transactions. I'm one of the many real estate lawyers out there, but what separates me from the rest is that in Jasper and southeast Texas I am dedicated to help you with:

  • Buying or selling property: Representing buyers/sellers in the acquisition and disposition of the various types of real estate including hotels, residential properties, industrial properties, retail centers, office building, and manufactured housing communities.

  • Examining title to the property: The examination of title to the property, negotiation of title insurance policies, and evaluation of title exceptions.

  • Development: The negotiation and preparation of construction and development agreements, and the other documents needed to construct and develop industrial sites, free-standing units, mixed-use projects, shopping centers, and office buildings.

  • Leasing and/or Renting: The negotiation and preparation of industrial, retail, and office leases and long-term ground leases.

  • Financing options, including Owner Financing Corporation and LLC formation: The representation of borrowers and lenders in real estate secured loan originations, purchases, loan sales, and other debt arrangements, consisting of mezzanine loans, conduit loans, bridge loans, construction loans, shared appreciation loans, permanent financings, and portfolios of non-performing loans.

  • Easements

  • Restrictive Covenants

  • Adverse Possession

Real Estate Transaction Litigation


In real estate, litigation involves the representations of real estate developers, lenders, brokers, lessors, sellers, buyers, and owners, among other things, bankruptcy, loan service, and foreclosure issues, title disputes, eminent domain proceedings, mechanics lien, and construction disputes, and contract disputes.

Are you involved in or considering any of the above? Go see Alan!

Why choose Alan?

As a real estate lawyer, I pride myself on my negotiation skills and extensive knowledge of real estate law. Since I began, I've been advising clients in a broad range of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including real estate sales and purchases, land development, commercial leasing, and real estate financing.

The real estate services I offer range from structuring complex secured lending transactions for big enterprises to negotiating leases for startup businesses. In case a dispute takes place in a property matter, I can also offer aggressive real estate litigation services.

I offer advice across an array of practice areas where real estate is at the center of the transaction. Relied on by underwriters, lenders, corporates, institutional and private investors, owners, and developers in Texas for being aware of industry trends and their impact on business, I help navigate the markets in which they plan to or currently operate. Because I know real estate transactions law, clients know I can manage the intricacies of their disputes and transactions, and combine commercial and legal knowledge to counsel them towards successful outcomes.

Clients also utilize my knowledge in commercial investment, private equity, retail, and hospital and leisure across every type of transaction, disputes, operations, financings, and transactions. Whether it's real estate financing or a corporate acquisition of a property holding company, I can be of help. Go see Alan!

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