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Wills and Probate

WILLS: Be Prepared. 


Texas heirship law is complicated, and might not be what you think. The simple answer is to hire a good lawyer, and let that lawyer prepare your Will. If you do your own Will and get it wrong there is no redo after your death. If you don't have a valid Will that documents where your assets will go,  the State will determine who gets what. You might also consider getting a Power of Attorney, just in case you are unable to sign documents, because of distance or impairment. Come see me, and we will discuss what works best for you.  


PROBATE: Be Proactive.


The decision of whether to probate a Will or not should be made soon after death. Nothing is automatic regarding property ownership in Texas after death. You must do something to make sure property, especially land and/or a home, passes to the right person.

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